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Battle Born Painting almost never was…. This company never had the intention to be on the track of becoming the successful establishment it is today. Thats right, this thing called “painting” was only suppose to be a one time job, just enough for a week’s vacation and I would retire from my short painting tenure. Little did I know then, how some paint and a good work ethic could go such a long way.

Born & raised in Reno/Sparks area,

I’ve seen this community go through the best & worst of times. I have always known that I wanted to make a difference, and up until painting I always worked hard and made a positive impact with whatever and whomever came in my path. Ultimately though, this great painting venture has allowed me to make the biggest impact for our community thus far. Through years of dedication, continuing my education, working with fellow contractors across the country and being involved with programs such as Paint It Forward, I can say Battle Born Painting is making a difference that I am proud of.

Battle Born Painting is more than just a coatings company

We nurture our team in becoming expert craftsman in their field and taking their skills to the next level both professionally & personally. We strive to give each of our customers an elevated experience when welcoming us into their home or business. We understand that with each client project, we are a part of a bigger story. It can be a new baby on the way, a couples 1st home or a fresh start in a new town. Regardless, its always our honor being chosen to play a role in someone’s vision & goal.

Our goal is to continue expanding services needed for our community and to create a more comprehensive & cohesive home improvement experience. This company started out just doing residential exteriors with 1 truck, 1 employee and 1 dog. We now have 8 Vans, 17 employees and 4 separate departments that cover services for Residential & commercial interior/exterior, Cabinets, Floor Coatings and Gutters.

What’s the Paint It Forward Program?

This is a community give back program where BattleBorn Painting has the opportunity to donate our expertise, time and material. We have a chance to giveback to someone who is in need or down on their luck. It is something that we are proud to be a part of .We’ve been honored enough to help such people as cancer survivors, 1st responders, victims of paralysis, families suffering from sudden loss, as well as help bring back to life historical buildings in this community just to mention a few.

We are privileged to be part of this great Northern Nevada community and our hope is to be able to provide quality work and continue our giveback program for many years to come.


We like to stay busy at Battle Born Painting. That’s why we always accept new projects throughout Reno and the surrounding areas. However, even with our busy schedule, you’ll always feel like a very important customer. We treat our clients like family.

You’ll be happy to know that we are fully insured and licensed. We stand behind our completed work and even offer written warranties. Contact Battle Born Painting to get an honest estimate from our local painters for your next painting project.