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What to Ask Before Hiring a Painter

Paint peeling and cracking? Changing the color scheme in your home? A new coat of paint will help. If you don’t have the time or proper equipment for a DIY project, then hire a professional painter.  Homeowners must ask the right questions to ensure they are choosing the best painter possible.  A great place to start is by searching the internet for local painters with a great reputation.

Let the Interviewing Begin

Before you choose a painter for your next project, there are important questions that need to be answered. Most of the answers to these questions should be written in the contract before signing.

1. How many years of experience do they have?You want to make sure the painters you choose have the experience and knowledge to do a professional job. Their website may indicate how long the company has been in business, but that’s not the only factor. The painters actually doing the job need to have the necessary skills, so ask about that as well.

2. Are they licensed? Insured? Bonded?Any contractor doing work on your home should be licensed, insured and bonded. A license guarantees that they’ve met certain qualifications and are authorized to work in your state.  A painting contractor who’s insured covers their workers if they are hurt in your home. A respectable contractor will have general liability and workers compensation insurance.  Don’t forget to ask to see a copy of the policy.

3. Do they offer a warranty?A reputable painting contractor should offer a warranty on their services. Items covered in a warranty should include labor and materials.

4. Do they use subcontractors?Knowing if company employees or subcontractors will be painting your home is important. Always ask if some of the work will be done by cheaper contractors. If so, move on to the next painting contractor.

5. What brands of paint do they use? High-quality paint should be the answer they give you. Lower-grade paint will not last as long as a premium grade paint. Check the brands they typically use for certain surfaces, indoor and outdoor. Make sure to have it in writing how many coats will be applied.

6. Pictures of past jobsA painting contractor that does quality work should document that with plenty of high-quality pictures. Pay attention to edges and finishes.

7. Do they clean up? At the end of a workday, responsible painters clean-up the workspace in or outside of your home. Items like old wood and trim, drop cloths, paint buckets and any other painting equipment should be removed. It should be a priority to keep your home neat and clean during the paint project and especially after it’s completed.

8. How much prep work is included in the estimate?Every homeowner getting a paint job needs to know how their home will be prepped for painting. If the walls need to be repaired or surfaces sanded, it should be in writing.

9. Can you provide a list of references?Quality painting contractors have nothing to hide. They are proud of their work and want others to brag about it.  Get a list of past customers and contact them to describe the work, communication, and overall quality of the painting contractor.

10. Have they been recognized for great service?Check review sites like Angie’s List to see if a painter has been recognized for outstanding service and quality work.  Membership in professional trade organizations like the Painting Contractors Assn also helps in narrowing down a reputable painting contractor.

11. How long will the job take?With any home project comes delays due to weather or equipment malfunction. The time to complete a paint job depends on how much of the home will be painted.  Other factors include the number of painters on the job and weather forecast for an exterior project.

12. How much will it cost?Always ask for an estimate.  Prep work, materials, and labor are some of the costs that should be in writing. It is also important to know if a deposit is required before work can begin.

13. Can you show proof of everything?A respectable and honest painter can provide documentation without hesitation.

Warning Signs

Thoroughly research painting contractors’ complaint history. The Better Business Bureau provides information about settlements and pending issues. Beware of the following painters that:

Give you a low estimate

Ask you for most of the money upfront

Will only accept cash

You can never talk to on the phone

Experienced and Local

Homeowners in Reno and surrounding areas need to look no further to get a quality professional painting contractor. Battle Born Painting is the one to trust with your next paint project. Our experienced painters can handle it all: Interior, exterior, and cabinets. Call us for a free quote today!