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There Are Other Exterior Surfaces

The exterior of your home includes more than just the siding, trim and front door.  Painting all these features is important in the overall appearance of your home, but if other exterior surfaces look faded or the paint is peeling, the overall appeal is lacking. Painting these surfaces to complement your existing decor will make the entire exterior come together.

Some Exteriors to Consider Painting


The Fascia

Your home’s fascia holds the gutters in place and is visible from the exterior of the home. It is a board that runs along the roofline and acts as a finishing edge or trim. Most fascia boards are wooden, but they can also be made from vinyl, aluminum, and plastic.

Installation of the fascia is needed to aid in protecting the roof and inside of your home by preventing moisture from entering. When the fascia is painted, it gives your home a complete look.

Painting the fascia can increase its lifespan because the paint can protect it from all types of weather. It also improves the curb appeal which can help increase your home’s marketability.


Soffits, also known as the eaves, bridge the gap between the roof and siding. They are located under and behind the fascia.  Soffits are not difficult to paint; however, one must be careful to not cover up the vents that are sometimes installed in them. Painting over the vents can disrupt airflow to the roof. 

Most soffits are painted the same color as the fascia. It creates a consistent color for the trim that separates the roof from the walls of the house.



When exposed to the sun, rain, dirt, and snow, wood fences do not last long without some type of protection. Paint can provide the protective coating needed and prevent the wood from rotting. Painting your fence also ensures that the wood is sealed, extending the life of your fence.

You have many color options to match the other surfaces of your home. Between paintings, your fence will need to be cleaned.  Gentle washing with a garden hose can remove dirt and grime that accumulates without harming the paint.


For many homeowners, sheds have become an addition to their home that protects their belongings and increases their living space. Sheds can function as garages, workshops, offices, storage space or other uses. Wooden sheds can be painted to complement the home and surroundings.  

If you have a metal shed, these structures also require frequent repainting. With both types of sheds, the quality of the surface preparation will determine how well the paint adheres to the surface of the shed. 

To repaint a shed, you must give the entire surface a thorough cleaning and make sure that you have a smooth surface.

  • Sand and scrape peeling and flaking paint

  • Repair loose or broken boards

  • Apply a primer

  • Apply at least two coats of paint that can withstand weather conditions and designed for wooden structures.



When the weather is pleasant, we naturally want to spend more time outdoors. This means getting your patio and deck ready to entertain guests, have family meals, or just spend some time alone.  A deck is an extension of your home that adds curb appeal, value and living space. The benefits of a painted deck include:

  • Easy maintenance

  • Many color options

  • Hide unsightly flaws and details

  • Paint options include mildew resistant, non-slip textures

Your deck might need a fresh coat of paint if you have not tended to it for a while. Paint your deck to get an appealing uniform look for your home.

Garage Doors

A garage door makes up about a third of your house’s facade. Faded and cracked paint on your garage door can affect the curb appeal of your home.  Little preparation is required when painting a garage door.  Always paint when the weather is mild and dry to get your desired finish.

Be sure to choose a color that complements the brick or siding.  You can also paint your garage door to match your front doors, trim and other exterior aspects of your home.

garage door

Hire A Professional for a Uniform Look

For a complete look for your home’s exterior, hire professional painters from Battle Born Painting. We can paint any exterior surface and leave you with a complete quality finish.  Our experienced team offers the best in service and workmanship. Contact us today for a free quote.