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paint changes room size

A new coat of paint can change your mood, your style, and even make the size of your space seem altered. It can’t really modify the actual measurements of a room, but if used correctly, color can fool the eye into believing your room is larger, smaller, taller, or wider than it is.

In general, lighter colors in cool shades, such as light blues, tend to make things seem farther away including your walls. On the other hand, colors that are deeper and warmer, such as browns and reds can make your walls seem nearer.

How to Change the Way You See Your Room’s Size

Beyond adding color to a room, paint can add to or subtract from a room’s perceptual size. It also has the power to change the way we see the shape of a room. The secret starts with the colors you select. Here are a few ways to change the size of your room with nothing more than a few cans of paint.

1. Expand the Space

Property owners with small spaces don’t have to do a major remodel to make it look bigger. A simple trick to make a room more expansive only requires one paint color. To give the feeling of a more expansive space, no matter the size of the room, paint the walls, trim, and ceiling the same color.

Painting adjoining rooms the same color also guides the eye to look beyond to multiple rooms, instead of stopping at one room. This also makes individual spaces feel collectively larger. The paint color can be any pale hue or white for maximum impact. Keep the floor light, too, by adding light rugs over dark wood, linoleum, or tile.

2. Make it Look Taller

To make a room look taller, you’ll need two different colors of paint. A white or very light hue, and a dark gray or another deep tone. Paint the ceiling the light color and the walls the dark. This draws the eye toward the light color and makes the room feel taller. The lighter color gives your ceiling a visual lift.

Another way to make a room seem taller is to paint vertical stripes. Vertical stripes will give your room a longer, leaner look.

3. Make It Look Smaller

If you have a large room or a room that you want to tone down, try painting the walls and ceiling all the same darker color. This creates a cave effect that’s perfect for rooms like bedrooms or libraries, where you want to minimize light. It also makes a room feel warmer and more intimate.

4. Elongate A Room

To elongate a short room, paint the ceiling and one wall dark, and the other walls white. The white walls expand the room out, while the eye follows the long line created by the dark ones. You can also try painting horizontal stripes on the wall to add perceived width or length.

5. Square It Up

For those spaces that are wide in size or a long rectangular room, the slimming down technique involves using a dark warm shade to bring the short walls closer. Then use light paint color to push the longer walls back. This will help you square up the shape of your room.

6. Stretch Space Horizontally

To make your space look wider, paint the ceiling and the bottom half of the wall white. The upper half of the wall should be painted a dark color. This will sandwich the dark color between the white, which makes the room look wider.

7. Lower the Ceiling

For a ceiling that seems too distant or high, choose a darker paint color than the color for your walls. Another trick to visually lower a ceiling is to bring the ceiling color down over the walls by a foot. If your ceiling is very tall you won’t perceive the line, but you’ll feel as though the ceiling is more within reach.

8. Shorten the Room

To shorten a long room, condense it visually by painting the ceiling and three of the walls white. Use a dark paint color on the short wall. The dark wall seems to advance, visually shortening the room.

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What Size Room Do You Want?

When it comes to enhancing a room, a paintbrush can be a pretty powerful tool. Let Battle Born Painting work some magic in your home or office space. With some creative planning and careful color choices, we can change any room to appear more to the size you want.

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