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There is much to consider when choosing the right color combinations for your kitchen. Today, there are many trending options to make your kitchen the center of attention. When it comes to choosing a paint color, the cabinets get most of the attention, so it’s important to pick the one that will complement your surroundings and personality.

Colors for Your Kitchen

With all the different layouts, materials, and design changes, cabinets are still the focal point of any kitchen, large or small. Cabinet paint colors for 2021 range from warm whites for a classic look to hues of blue to get a subtle pop of color.

1. Warm Whites

The top trend in kitchen design is white cabinets. White cabinetry is an enduring classic look and always a solid choice. White cabinets complement any architectural style, from traditional to modern.  Warm and delicate whites will hit kitchens in 2021. These shades offer a cozy and welcoming look.

White is the best backdrop for accented colorful hues. Options for accent colors are unlimited because white cabinets blend with any color.  This will help you create a unique kitchen color scheme. The main thing is to properly arrange the combination of colors.

kitchen cabinet colors

2. Blue Hues

No matter the style of the furnishings in a room, blue looks great anywhere. From pales shades to midnight tones, blue is such a cool color, literally.  When kitchen cabinets are painted blue, the space will be perceived as more spacious. Traditional blue cabinets add sophistication to the decor.

For islands or base cabinets, cobalt, navy blue, and slate blue are solid choices. Gray-blue shades can function as a neutral color for your kitchen design.

3. Shades of Green 

Kitchens that incorporate a green palette give energy to the entire home. Green kitchen cabinets will continue to take over kitchens in 2021. Green shades are often used in more modern spaces. Deep tones of green can be tricky to incorporate because they make the room darker.

If you’re going for a cheerful kitchen, consider a sage color. For a more dramatic look, go with a saturated green. ​​​Mint green shades provide an earthy feel to your kitchen. This light shade of green softens a room. The main thing with the color green is not to over-do it!

4. Gray

Some people think gray is typical and boring, but it is a universal color.  Using it on cabinets depends on the shade of gray you choose. Deep and warm gray cabinets give a kitchen a sense of style and sophistication. Gray in warmer tones pairs well with a range of other colors. It also works well as a base for countertops and base cabinets.

To avoid having a gloomy kitchen, make it all in gray tones using different variations, from light to dark, in the decor. To get a calm and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen, a combination of gray with soft shades of white and light wood are suitable pairs. Vibrant colors such as red, yellow, or turquoise pair well for a brighter color scheme.

5. Black

Black is also a classic color, but it should be added in moderation. Black kitchen cabinets can border on the dramatic side if too glossy or overly matte. Too much black can make a kitchen look smaller. You can dilute black with bright or warm colors.

White is the perfect complement to black decor. It is traditional and can easily transform a dull kitchen into a classic beauty. Shades of black such as charcoal is another color that pairs well with brighter colors. If you want your kitchen to stand out, interesting combinations include black and red, black and yellow, or black and orange.

6. Pale Pinks

Make a statement with family and friends by painting your kitchen cabinets a soft, pale pink. If you’re not bold enough to have that much pink in your kitchen, add it in smaller doses. Paint the color pink on the kitchen island, trim, or window frames.

7. Yellow

Natural bright shades of yellow fit easily into the interior of the kitchen. Yellow invokes warmth and positive energy. Yellow kitchen cabinets will look great in combination with a wooden tabletop or white stone countertops. Other elegant combinations include yellow with black, red, or green accents.

Need Help Choosing Paint Colors?

The kitchen is an important room in any home.  The easiest way to change the look of your kitchen is to paint the cabinets. Battle Born Painting can guide you in your color selections. Our professional painters will protect your home and prepare your cabinets to ensure a high-quality finish.

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