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There are plenty of benefits to being a part of a homeowners association (HOA). They provide various amenities, aid in neighborhood cohesion and safety, offer mediation services, distribute maintenance costs, and more.

You must also adhere to the HOA’s rules, however; otherwise, you run the risk of penalties and possible liens place on your home. The upkeep of the home’s exterior, specifically the exterior paint job, is one area where homeowners must comply.

What Is an HOA?

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Those living in developed communities tend to have a homeowners association that helps govern the community. HOAs create rules relating to landscaping, maintaining the aesthetics of the neighborhood, and preserving the community’s amenities. Homeowners must pay if they live in an HOA-controlled community.

The HOA has a say in a community’s appearance. This is beneficial because it prevents properties from degrading, thus, retaining property values. Every HOA has its own set of rules and perks and for some, the benefits outweigh the restrictions.

HOAs are based on individual charters and guidelines known as covenants, conditions, and restrictions. Homeowners in such neighborhoods must sign the declaration of covenants and agree to all of the terms and conditions.

When you paint your home’s exterior, it must be approved by the HOA before you begin the project. If not, you run the risk of having to repaint it in an acceptable color. Getting approval from the HOA helps prevent you from getting fined or redoing the job. HOA laws are enforceable and can include penalties for non-compliance.

Abide by the Rules

HOAs create and enforce rules relating to everything from keeping lawns mowed to deciding what color you can or can’t paint your home. HOAs can be tedious and annoying, but they do serve a larger purpose. When it comes to the maintenance and painting of your home, HOAs have ways they can control the color, the time of year the project is done, and sometimes even who you hire to do the job.

1. Painting Frequency

Some HOAs dictate how often you need to paint your house. They may have stipulations on conditions that warrant a new exterior paint job. For example, if there is considerable peeling or chipping, they may force you to have it painted and give you a deadline for doing so.

2. Approvals

First, your HOA might deem it necessary for you to receive approval from them before making any significant changes to your home’s exterior. If you’re thinking about changing its color or adding a new coat, you may need to get the go-ahead before you begin. Failing to do so may result in fines or other penalties.

3. Types of Paint

Though many different types of paint may be suited for exterior painting, your HOA might have specific guidelines on the quality, brand, or composition of the paint you use.

4. Allowable Exterior Paint Colors

Other restrictions may include the choice of exterior paint colors. This governing body does have a job to unify the neighborhood’s aesthetic. If you wish to paint your home with a color that is not approved or listed in the rules, you will have to request approval from your HOA. You may have to choose another color if your request is denied.

There are HOAs that have general color palettes residents can choose from. Some paint brands keep an archived file of known HOA color palettes that can be found online. Paint colors that you choose for your home can’t be too similar to the neighbors’ next door, across the street, or behind you. Residents are also asked to abide by a set of guidelines outlining which color combinations  and finishes are permitted.

5. Paint Scheduling

HOAs may limit the time of day or year to have your home painted. Going outside of these scheduling parameters will result in you being in non-compliance and susceptible to fines and penalties.

6. Contractor Selection

HOAs may also recommend professional house painters. Some HOAs are stricter than others when it comes to this matter.  Your decision to use a painting contractor is not restricted as long as your painter is licensed, insured, and able to meet all other compliance requirements.

Trusted House Painters

If your home needs a new paint job or you want to change the color of the front door, make sure you read about the HOA’s rules and ordinances. The colors of your siding, trim, garage door, and fence are generally determined by the regulations set by the HOA. You should know how to address any home maintenance concerns.

No matter the rules of an HOA, Battle Born Painting can meet every request. Our professional painters are licensed and insured. We have access to the colors and finishes required for your home. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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