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When planning to paint a space in your home, your choice of color is important.

Not only do color choices serve an aesthetic function, helping a room to appear the way you want, but they also help to convey certain moods or emotions. Have you ever stopped to wonder what the different colors mean or what they are meant to communicate? Let’s take a look at the meaning of some common paint colors in order to help you plan your space!

Blue tones convey calmness, coolness, and tranquility. Mirroring the color of the sky and the oceans, blue is a great choice for spaces like bedrooms and other places in the home where we go to find peace. Blue is one of the most popular color choices for interiors for this reason. It can help us to feel calm, collected, and inspired!

Another color to consider is yellow. Shades of yellow convey an optimistic mood, a summer time vibe, an inspired mindset, and feelings of happiness. Although yellow interiors can be slightly overwhelming to the eye, utilizing more mild and muted yellows can achieve the same effect without being harsh on the eyes.

Purple paint tends to be a relaxing, imaginative, and luxurious color choice. Best used minimally, the “royal color” can help to spark creativity, a serene state of mind, and feelings of peace. Like with yellow, it is important to explore shades of purple in order to find one that accomplishes this without being overwhelmingly harsh on the eyes.

Red is an energetic color that deeply stimulates our minds. Red can convey energy, confidence, and passion. Red is a bold choice for an interior paint, and finding the right shade for your space will be sure to turn heads and make your guests say “WOW”!

Another energetic color choice is green. Green symbolizes nature and reminds us of life. It is a joyous color that can calm and relax while also bringing a vibrant natural energy to a space. Try using this color in meditative spaces like reading rooms.

Pink is more tranquil and muted than the red family that it is derived from. If used delicately,  pink can convey romanticism and innocence. A popular choice for bedroom interiors, pink is dreamy and youthful.

Brown tends to remind us of earth, and can help us feel centered and grounded. It is a simple color that when done right can serve to give a space and “earthy” and “natural feel”.
Shades of orange are attention grabbing, appetite stimulating, and bold.

Orange can add spice to areas like kitchens and dining rooms. Finding a good shade orange can be challenging, so make sure to stock up on samples!

Silver tends to be ornate and can represent prosperity and wealth. It can be a stylish accent choice for master bedrooms and bathrooms.

Similarly to silver, white is another formal and bold choice. All white rooms can appear bigger as they reflect available light around the room while giving off a clean and crisp feeling.

Lastly, black is an elegant color choice that conveys power. Best used sparingly, black can add a touch of elegance or drown a room in darkness if used excessively. Black paint is an excellent accent choice for interiors like bedrooms and bathrooms.

We hope this color guide will help you as you determine which paint is right for your space!