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Imagine deciding to take on the task of painting the living room, only to find out you did not buy enough paint to finish. Now you are exhausted, it’s late at night you have half of the project done and now you need to run to the paint store. Well, how much more paint do you need?

Painters say one gallon of paint will cover just about 400sq ft. Which breaks down to basically applying one coat to a two-car garage. The problem is most projects require more than one coat. If you are painting an average living room, you will need to buy two gallons of paint. Allowing you to apply two coats of paint to an 800 sq ft room. The key rule to buying gallons of paint is to always round up. This is because sometimes walls soak up more paint than you were expecting. Also can never hurt to have extra for touch-up paint.

So remember next time you decide to DIY a paint project plan ahead for what may be needed. And remember Battleborn Painting will be here for all your home or commercial painting needs.