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Battleborn Painting started doing give backs a few years ago when we heard of a fellow painting company doing a Pay it Forward painting giveback. And we thought it was a great idea to start this program here in Reno. Well, fast forward to today…

Battle Born Painting’s First give back for 2022 is for Toni Robinson and her family.

Sometimes it is the people in the background who don’t ask for anything that deserve a break.

Will met Toni during a scheduled painting estimate back in 2021 . It was at this time when Will heard Toni’s story that He determined Toni would be our next Pay it Forward recipient. Toni does so much for others and it was time she was on the receiving end of the motto she herself lives by. It was also at this time that Will Reyes connected Toni’s son Rowan to John of @renorecipes.

This project came full circle when Battleborn Painting announced this giveback on @renorecipes cooking show back in December.

Rowan is now John’s apprentice (who is on his way to being his sous chef very soon) .

These givebacks bring us so much joy and they are so much more then just painting a house. It provides our team a chance to help out those in our community, a chance to hopefully encourage others in our community to do the same. And lastly, to connect people together to help each other grow personally and professionally.

A big thank you to @battleborngutters, @renorecipes for providing their time, food and laughs ,and @dutchbrosreno for keeping us warm and coffee fueled.

We were all able to come together and make this paint project a great community giveback and we look forward to our next giveback in 2022! Stay tuned!