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What kind of preparation process do we use?

Phase 1 – Power wash – First the house is power washed in order to remove any underlying dirt and grime and to give the surface a fresh start.

Phase 2  – Scrape, Sand  – During this phase, we remove all loose and failing paint.  We thoroughly sand the areas exposed after paint removal to feather out the edges and integrate them into the substrate of the home.  This step is done to prep the surface for proper adhesion.

Phase 2 – Prime, caulking and sealing edges down, – This phase of the process is where we lay down the initial layer of protection for the home. We mask off the windows, fixtures and other elements that need to be protected and spot-prime any raw material. Once the primer is applied we began the patching, caulking and sealing process. All cracks and holes will be filled. We typically apply these materials after the primer so that they have a sound, clean, and coated surface to bond to. Our main goal is to not only seal areas of the home where water can enter, but we also want to achieve a beautiful, renewed surface to apply paint.

Phase 3 – Finish Coat – This is of course where the fun is! We get to put color on the home. We use a variety of methods depending on the color placement scheme and what surfaces are being painted. Our main method of paint application is using Airless Spraying. We use brush and roll when we need to do finer work and when it the time to spend masking outweighs the time it takes to brush and roll. Spray application provides a smooth even surface and saturates the house to the point of rejection.