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During the holiday season, people want their homes to look and feel festive and inviting. One easy way to make this happen is to paint the interior of your home.  Hiring a professional painter during this time would save you time so that you can focus on other things before your guests arrive.

3 Benefits of Painting for the Holidays

paint your home for the holidays

Sprucing up your home before the festivities begin can reap several benefits.

A Much-Needed Update

It may have been years since you’ve changed the colors on your walls. New paint color can breathe new life into a room or area of your home. There’s no need to paint the entire house. Start small.  Paint the entryway or use an accent wall for a pop of color. Consider the holiday decorations that will adorn your home before finalizing a paint color.

Pay Less Now

Most painters offer discounts at this time of the year. Winter is usually the slow season for painting professionals.  This is based on bygone days when paints were high in fumes. Today’s low- or no-VOC paints make painting in closed areas safe even with little ventilation.

But, since business is still slower, painting companies are not overbooked which means they can finish your project (even larger ones) more quickly, usually in time for the holidays.  More painters are available to be assigned to the project for an on-time completion.

Change the Mood

Depending on the color you choose to paint inside your home, the atmosphere can change for the better. Blue tones can bring a calming and tranquil effect, while red or orange can bring an energizing vibe into your home. If you want you and your guests to enjoy an uplifting atmosphere, consider green as a paint color. Whatever color you choose, remember that different colors can promote positive emotions.

Other helpful tips for selecting paint colors for the holidays include:

  • Paint your walls before you choose your holiday decorations. Pick colors that complement your furniture & holiday décor.
  • Consult with an in-home paint color expert to assist with the correct color palette.
  • Choose colors that will be appropriate even after the holiday décor has been dissembled.
  • Go with colors that reflect light to make your rooms look spacious.
  • Pay attention to the sheen of the paint. Glossy paint is easier to clean, while flatter sheens are better at hiding flaws.

5 Areas to Prioritize Painting

areas to prioritize painting

If you don’t have the time or money to paint the entire home interior, concentrate on the rooms where your guests will spend the most time. Updating small details can have a major impact on the appearance of your home’s interior.

  1. Revamp Your Dining Room

    This is where your guests’ meals will be served, so it is fitting to give this room a makeover.   Brighten your dining room with a rich, bold color or choose a neutral backdrop to let other room elements take center stage. The paint colors should complement the linens, table cloths, and centerpieces that will be used for entertaining.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Details

    Baseboards, doors, banisters, trim, and other details can enhance a room’s appearance. Don’t ignore these elements when painting your home. Updating the trim color can refresh a room and clean up any imperfections.

  1. Revamp Your Kitchen

    You can brighten your kitchen by not only painting the walls, but also the cabinets. The kitchen is the heart of the home and is where many people spend extra time during the holidays. Choose colors for the cabinets that coordinate with the wall color and décor of your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, paint your cabinets white. You can also go with a bold color if you have a neutral wall color.  Make sure you choose a color that you’ll be happy with long-term.

  1. Guest Rooms

    If you have family members that will be staying a night or two, then try painting an accent wall in the guest bedroom for a warm and inviting touch. Think shades of orange, reds, and greens to give it a holiday touch.

  1. Liven the Entryway

    Hallways, stairs, foyers, and entryways are often overlooked when considering painting updates.  Entryways welcome guests to your home and set the mood for the rest of the house. These areas can have a big impact on the overall feel of your home. Whether you want a relaxed feel or uplifting vibe, painting these spaces can shape first impressions of your home.

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

If your home is in dire need of a face lift, call Battle Born Painting to enhance your home’s appearance for the holidays. Not only will this make your entire home seem festive, but it can complement the decorations that you display during the holiday season. Contact us today for a consultation.