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Now that you’ve put up your holiday decorations, finalized the dinner menu, and contacted all of your guests, what else is left to do? Before you have everyone over for the holiday festivities, give your floors some attention. Refinishing your hardwood floors will make a drastic improvement in the look of your home.

A new finish is a cost-effective way to make old dull-looking floors look new again and restore your floors to their original beauty.

Sure, you could do it yourself by renting a heavy machine, materials and the like. It’ll also take some time and manual labor, which you are probably short on during the holidays. Instead, hire a professional to handle the job. They have the proper equipment and experience to refinish your floors on time and with high quality results.

Knowing how to maintain the beauty of your floors is important too. The wear and tear your floors have endured throughout the years and will experience during the holidays may leave you with some hard-to-remove stains. You want to keep them looking brand new after the holidays and for years to come by keeping them clean.

Why Refinish Floors?

The traffic that floors endure leaves lasting impressions in the form of scratches, stains and other imperfections. Your floors may need to be refinished if you notice the following conditions:

  • Lack of sheen and evenness in color
  • Sealant is missing
  • Finish has faded
  • Lots of wear and deep scratches

7 Steps to Refinishing Floors

There are many steps to properly refinishing floors. During this holiday season, contact a professional to take care of your floors. This will leave you with time to plan and enjoy other festivities.

  1. Clear the Room Remove all furniture, baseboards or molding before refinishing your floors. The floor to be worked on must be clear of all objects.
  1. No Loose Flooring If there are any loose planks, they must be fixed before you can move on.  You can nail these in place.
  1. Cover Up Cover anything in your home that you don’t want to be showered in dust.  Protect your valuable belongings by covering them with plastic or removing them from the room, if possible.
  1. Sand Away Next, you want to sand away the top layer of wood. This will remove any finish, scratches, or deep gouges. Go along with the grain to avoid any damage. Make sure to sand the perimeter of the floor. It’s important to not leave the sander in one place for too long; doing so will create an uneven surface.Start with a rough grit to remove the existing finish. Then switch to a fine grit to make your floors smooth.
  1. Remove Dust Once sanding is complete, remove every trace of dust and dirt you can find.  Use a vacuum and broom to make sure all dust is gone. You don’t want any dust particles mixed in with your stain or finishing product.
  1. Stain Application If you want a new stain color, here’s your chance to do it. Apply the stain along the edges first, and then to the rest of the floor. The stain must be applied evenly and along the grain for a natural finish.  Wait at least 24 hours for the stain to dry before moving on.
  1. Finishing Coat Once the stain has completely dried, the final coating can be applied.  The finish is what seals the floors and makes them watertight. Take your time when applying the finish so you can avoid bubbling on the floor. The final result is a brand-new looking floor. After you’ve completed the last coat of finish, wait 24 hours before walking on your floors. It is recommended that you wear socks only during the first 48 hours after finishing. Wait a few days for the floors to completely dry and cure before putting your furniture back in place.

maintaining your floors

Maintaining Your Floors

During this holiday season, your wood floors may take a beating. To protect hardwood floors from all the traffic, it’s important for homeowners to take preventive steps. Here are some tips to help keep your floors in good condition.

  • Clean your floors regularly.
  • Remove shoes while inside.
  • Use felt pads underneath the furniture to prevent scratches.
  • Use a plastic sheet and a thick mat to protect your floors if celebrating the holiday with a real Christmas tree. You don’t want water leaking onto your newly finished floors.

Got Dull-Looking Floors?

Have a professional get your floors glowing again. At Battle Born Painting, we can have your floors refinished before your guests arrive. Our experienced team of professionals can repair or replace any loose planks and help you choose a stain. We’re a full-service painting contractor that can have your entire home looking like new again. Contact us right away for a free estimate.