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A concrete finish is a durable flooring option, but it still requires consistent maintenance to stay in top condition. Polished concrete floors provide an attractive feature to homes and businesses alike. If properly looked after, they can last up to ten years or more before needing repairs.

Neglecting or carelessness with polished concrete floors can cause unsightly damage to them.  While it does take some effort and planning, if done properly the maintenance process doesn’t take a lot of time and ensures your floors serve you well for a long time.

Concrete Flooring Maintenance and Repair

Although concrete flooring is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, it is porous and susceptible to chipping and cracking. Spills and temperature changes can cause staining and damage to concrete.

Professionals like Battle Born Painting can repair concrete flooring and keep it looking new. Regular maintenance includes:

1. Dust Mop. This needs to be done routinely. Dust mopping removes the sand, silt, and clay that will abrade, scratch, and grind away floor sealants and finishes if left unattended. Use a microfiber dust mop to collect the dust from your floors.

2. Remove Spills Immediately. Cleaning up spills quickly ensures that your concrete floors will not be permanently stained.

3. Repair Cracks. Concrete can crack or chip if put under too much pressure or when temperatures are warm causing it to expand. You should fill cracks immediately to prevent them from spreading.

4. Power Wash Surface. If you have stains on your concrete floors, a good power wash can remove them.

5. Sealant and Epoxy Finish. A sealant can help protect concrete flooring from cracking. For a more hardened solution, try an epoxy coating. It creates a protective coating over concrete floors providing a shiny high-gloss surface and shields them from scratches and abrasives.

Epoxy coatings can withstand heavy traffic so it’s great for certain areas in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Such areas include:

  • Residential: Basements, garages, laundry rooms, workspaces
  • Commercial: Hospitals, auto shops, retail stores, commercial kitchens, showrooms
  • Industrial: Warehouses, machine shops, factories

before and after concrete

Residential Concrete Flooring

The concrete slab underneath the carpet, tile, or wood flooring in a home can be transformed by applying a decorative finish. Removing your carpet for a beautiful flooring option will surely have your guests in awe. Homeowners choose to have concrete flooring in their bathrooms, kitchen, garage, living room, and laundry room.

Concrete floors are extremely durable due to concrete’s strength and hardness. If it is properly installed and sealed, a decorative floor in a home will last for decades. Aesthetically, concrete floors are a good match for homes with a modern or industrial style and are less suitable for classic vintage home styles.

There are many options for decorative concrete flooring, including stains, dyes, polishing, stencils, and epoxy coatings. The design possibilities for homeowners include a variety of texturizing and colorizing techniques:

  • Overlay: This refers to a thin layer of new concrete laid over an existing slab to rejuvenate it.
  • Polish: The use of fine abrasive pads creates a glass-smooth finish resulting in a very attractive and shiny floor.
  • Dyes:  Dyeing is the application of a solid colorizing agent over the finished surface.
  • Texturized or Stamped: A concrete surface can be brushed, stamped, or embedded with glass beads or fine aggregate to give it a three-dimensional texture.
  • Geometric Divisions: High-end concrete floors are sometimes laid out with geometric patterns, with each segment colored or texturized in a different way for an artistic effect.
  • Stenciled: Concrete floors can serve as large canvases for a variety of artistic painting techniques.

commercial concrete flooring

Commercial Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is a highly popular option for businesses today. This type of flooring is installed in an office environment, industrial setting, airport, warehouse, or retail store. Options for commercial purposes include polished or stained concrete, epoxy floor coatings, and more.

Concrete flooring is the go-to commercial flooring choice because it can stand up to the abuse other types of flooring simply cannot handle. It is also easy to maintain and affordable compared to other options. In areas of heavy traffic, such as entrances and foyers, you can reduce maintenance and wear and tear by using floor mats, both inside and outside of the entryway.

Call the Experts to Keep Your Concrete Floors in Good Repair

The experts at Battle Born Painting understand that every surface can variate in properties. We’re here to provide your home or business with proper maintenance of concrete flooring. Whether you’re a new business owner, flooring subcontractor, or homeowner, our extensive industry experience will leave you with a quality finish. Contact us today to give your concrete floor the perfect shine.

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