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paint laminate cabinets

Laminate cabinets make a great choice for contemporary kitchens with modern accents. Replacing your laminate cabinets is an expensive home remodel. Cabinetry constitutes nearly one-third of the price of a new kitchen.

If your kitchen cabinets need an update, a less expensive way to change the look is to paint them. Laminate is not the ideal surface to paint, but it can be done; however, it’s a tricky process that should not be attempted by amateurs. A DIY project could leave unsightly streaks resulting in inferior results. You may wind up having to hire a professional redo your cabinets anyway.

Most homeowners are not trained in painting properly. This is especially true for cabinets, since they require special attention. Professional painters should be hired because they have the skills to apply primer on laminate surfaces with precision. The tools used are professional grade and they will minimize mistakes.


What Is Laminate?

Laminate is a synthetic material that is bonded to the exterior surface of the cabinet doors and drawers. Laminate cabinets come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. They are easy to clean and offer more durability over time.

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Painting Laminate Cabinets

As the price of custom cabinetry has increased, the use of laminates has increased as well. They are affordable and a good investment but create challenges when it comes time to change the color if you want new decor. It’s best to hire a professional painter to handle the job.  You will save time and your cabinets will look amazing.

Painting laminate requires special care, or you will run into problems with paint chipping, peeling, streaking, and not adhering to the surface.  Here’s what you need to know to give your laminate cabinets the makeover you’ll love.

Prep the Surface

The key to getting the best paint results is preparation, which is a laborious process. The surface preparation alone is enough to want to hire a professional paint company to take care of the entire paint project.

The cabinet doors and drawers must be removed from their frames as well as the hardware, including hinges. If your laminate cabinets contain any damage such as cracks or warping, it must be repaired before a even starting to paint.  You can use a wood filler to fill any holes or dings that are present.

Inadequate adhesion will ruin your new paint job. Good-quality wood glue and a clamp to hold the laminate against the core is a good way to repair laminate coating that is peeling. Once the glue has set and dried, you can begin to clean the cabinet doors and drawers.

The cabinet doors should be cleaned and free of dirt and debris; otherwise, the primer will not adhere to the surface.  Any grease, grime, or buildup must be scrubbed away with a good laminate cleaner or degreaser.

Sand the Surface

Sanding the laminate surfaces to scuff the existing gloss off and provide a surface for the primer to adhere to is a critical step in the process. Laminates are thin coatings, so you must be extra careful to avoid sanding through the laminate.

There’s no need to add a lot of pressure while sanding. Plus, you want to avoid making too many passes over one spot. If you sand away the laminate, you’ll end up spending more money on replacing your cabinets. After sanding, make sure all the dust is completely removed from the surface, or you’ll have a gritty finish.

Prime the Cabinets

You must prime laminate.  A primer will allow the smooth surface of the laminate to grip the paint.  Without primer, your paint will bubble up and not properly adhere to your cabinets.

Selecting the right primer is more important the topcoat for successful painting with laminate. It needs to be a high-adhesion product to get the best finish possible. All primers and paints should be applied with high-quality brushes, rollers, or sprayers.

Apply your paint

The paint you choose must be designed to work with laminate surfaces. Professional painters are familiar with certain brands and glosses that adhere well to laminate surfaces. They can advise on the brand and paint color. A good paint brand will leave a chip-resistant finish that is easy to clean.

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Trust A Professional with Your Laminate Cabinets

With the proper prep, quality materials, and the right paint, you can transform the look of your laminate cabinets. It’s best to hire a professional painter who has experience with painting laminate to give you a fabulous finish.

At Battle Born Painting, we can handle any type of surface. We know how to prepare and paint it. Our team is skilled and experienced in interior and exterior projects.

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