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There are some household projects you might consider tackling yourself, like a simple paint job. Whether an entire room or an accent wall, painting is one of the least-expensive tasks that many homeowners decide to do because it saves them money. Painting your home by yourself might seem like a great idea when you consider the money you will save.  But it may end up costing you down the road by not hiring a professional.

Don’t Fall Prey to These Common Painting Pitfalls

Painting a room in your home may seem relatively easy compared to other projects. However, there are a handful of mistakes inexperienced DIYers tend to unintentionally make. These errors can cost both time and money, particularly if you need to then hire a pro to remedy the situation.

To save you the hassle, take the advice of pro painters who share some of the most common mistakes novices make.

1. Choosing the wrong paint for the surface

Before you even apply paint to the surface, you can sabotage the entire paint job by buying the wrong paint. Not all paint is made for every surface. When you select the wrong paint, you might not notice it right away, but chances are you’ll experience problems in the long run. Painting with the wrong paint can cause problems like bubbling or peeling.

2. Selecting the wrong paint for the room

Paints come in many finishes, like satin, eggshell, and semigloss. It’s important to consider the paint finish when painting any room. For example, high functional areas like a kitchen or bathroom would do well with an eggshell finish. Stay away from higher sheens when painting the front door, due to their ability to highlight imperfections.

Paint technology today offers many options to combat environmental conditions. Paint brands have mold and mildew-resistant, moisture-resistant, or stain-resistant options available.

3. Failing to prepare the surfaces

Preparation is the most important step of any painting project, whether it is interior or exterior. Unfortunately, this step is often incomplete or skipped entirely, and can lead to many failures.

Lack of adhesion, poor sheen uniformity, or an uneven surface appearance can occur if the surface is not prepared properly. Before painting, remove wallpaper and peeling paint. You also want to sand glossy surfaces dull and wipe clean, as well as patch any cracks and holes.

4. Putting too much paint on the brush or roller

Be careful not to put so much paint on a brush or roller that it drips everywhere. You don’t want a blob of paint on the wall (or on the floor). Conversely, if you don’t load the brush or roller with enough paint, you’ll likely need another coat. If you do need another coat, wait until the paint is dry to the touch before painting over it.

5. Using cheap paint

Cheap paint can increase your work time by requiring many coats to achieve the right color and coverage. It also has a shorter lifespan and tends to chip and peel very easily. Choose a high-quality brand that has a good track record of providing customers with a great finish and longevity.

6. Choosing the wrong color

Lime green might be your favorite color, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best shade for your formal dining room. Choosing the right shade for your project is more involved than just finding a color you like.

You’ll want to make sure the color will flow with the rest of the home as well. Always do a test before deciding on a paint color.  You don’t want to have to change the decor in the room or repaint it.

7. Using cheap painting tools

Dollar store paint brushes and rollers might be great for your budget, but they’re bad for a home paint project. Cheap brushes will often leave bristles on your walls, while cheap rollers can leave little pieces of lint in the paint, both compromising the quality of your paint job. The coverage may also be less than ideal.

8. Not using primer

Primer provides a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to and helps create a more attractive finish. A lot of paint nowadays comes with primer already mixed in, so you may not need to buy it separately.

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Rich Green

I highly recommend this company. They did an amazing job on my upcoming listing. They were also referred to me by another Realtor.

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Don’t risk making one of these costly mistakes commonly made by DIY painters. Battle Born Painting provides professional interior and exterior painting services. Our team has all the right tools and only uses the best paint products. We are experienced in using different types of paints for different surfaces.

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