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Choosing a wall color for your office is just as important as matching the desks and chairs. The right paint colors can help you and your employees work more effectively.

If the overall energy and output of your office are dragging, try changing the atmosphere with a new paint color. The paint color you choose for your office can make a big difference in your employees’ work performance and your business’s success.

Which Color Works Best for Your Office?

office paint colors

There are a variety of things you can do to increase the productivity of your team. One easy but incredibly effective way to build a productive atmosphere is choosing the right color scheme.

The right paint colors for your type of business can put you on the path to success. Choosing the color that works for your office depends on what goes on from during the workday.

Before hiring a professional to paint your office, consider the type of work your employees are doing and what emotions need to be elicited for increased productivity. A combination of colors and hues will create the best office paint colors to promote productivity.

If you’re looking to increase creativity or have balance in the workplace, try one of these colors for your office.

1. Blue 

Blue stimulates the creative juices and boosts productivity. Many people find blue to be relaxing, stable, and calming. It stimulates the mind and makes detail-oriented jobs easier. Blue is a great color for accountants or software developers. Anyone engaged in work requiring a lot of brain power and analysis can benefit from blue paint color in their workplace.

2. Red 

Red evokes a sense of urgency. You will have more success in generating purchases in  retail establishments. Tags on items on sale are red.

If your business requires people to be on their feet and active, red might be a productive choice. Just be careful not to overdo it; otherwise your employees will be anxious rather than energized.

3. Yellow 

Yellow arouses feelings of happiness. This is a good paint color for creative businesses such as advertising and graphic design companies looking to boost creative productivity.

Yellow will do wonders to keep your employees thinking and performing in innovative ways. A muted yellow paint color or yellow accent pieces are preferable to an entire room painted lemon yellow.  

4. Green 

Green provides a strong sense of balance and reassurance. For a financial business, green may be the perfect color to balance employee stress. If you want an office that is calm, reassuring, and tranquil, green is the color for you. This is why green is prevalent in many medical offices too. Green also lessens eye strain, making it a good color choice for employees that work long hours.

5. Orange

If employees seem a bit sluggish and slow, adding some pops of orange could perk things up. Pillows, flowers, lamps, and even a bowl of fruit on an end table can all contain some orange to brighten the day. Or you could paint an accent wall an orange shade. Just don’t overdo it.

6. Neutrals

Many off-white shades are very appropriate for office spaces. The perfect shade of white can give a room the glow of natural sunlight. Neutral colors are softer and more relaxing. Colors like beige, pale gray, or ivory work in waiting rooms or other client access rooms.

Finding the Right Balance

You need to be careful about how many of the colors you use for your office. Too much of one color can do the opposite of what you intended.

When you’re looking to paint your office a new color, saturation is important to keep in mind.  Saturation describes the intensity or chroma of the color.  It refers to the dominance of the hue in a color.

Bright and vibrant colors are known to be stimulating, whereas less saturated colors are more soothing. Based on your business’s culture, needs, and employee work habits, finding the right balance between stimulating and soothing hues is imperative to workplace production. If you find that your employees are feeling a bit mentally fatigued, try breaking up these stimulating colors.

Secondary colors mix the properties of two primary colors. Orange is a combination of happy yellow and energetic red. It can complement a blue office by bringing a positive balance to the mental stimulation that blue hues create. Having the right balance of colors in a work environment is crucial to boosting productivity.

Need A Boost?

Renovating the office may be a little easier now that you know which colors correspond to a better work atmosphere. . Let the professionals at Battle Born Painting transform your office space into a productive place. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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