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Break away from the usual tones and colors on you kitchen cabinets

Are you looking to freshen up the paint on your kitchen cabinets, but want to break away from the usual tones and colors? You’re in luck! 2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year for paint trends, and we are seeing a lot of subtle and inspiring choices for cabinet paint in particular. Let’s take a look at some of these new trends.

With standard grays and whites on their way out as the “in” color for cabinetry, there are some truly unique takes on these classic colors that are achieved by mixing them with shades of beige, green, and blue. The results are warm, comforting, subtle, and stunning colors that truly blend the best of both palettes.

Grayish beiges are everywhere lately, and for good reason! This fresh take on classic muted grays stands out by blending in subtle beige undertones to give the gray a more earthy look. This looks great on kitchen cabinetry, especially longer cabinets. A visit to your local paint store will reveal a lineup of inspired gray and beige mixtures that will give your kitchen a truly unique color palette.

Another cabinet color trend for 2021 has its roots in classic grays, but this time mixed with greens and blues. These mixtures have a rustic feel that is subtle and muted while also being bold and striking. “grayed greens” and “grayed blues”, or even “grayed greenish blues”, offer an extra layer of depth to the more traditional green and blue mixtures we are so used to seeing. Like with grayish beiges, the addition of gray into the palette serves to mute the color a bit while still preserving the striking appearance of a blue or a green. Look for these fresh and innovating swatches next time you visit the hardware and/or paint store, and be sure to ask for a sample!

For stained woods, deep bronze or coffee are making a strong showing this year. Again moving on from the gray trend of the past few years, these stain colors are earthy and deep in their richness, and look stunning when applied to kitchen cabinets. Sherwin Williams’ 2021 Color of The Year, “Urbane Bronze”, is a great example of what we are seeing become popular in 2021. They describe it as “rooted in nature” and “grounded, meditative, and serene” which perfectly describes the feeling of this color, as well as 2021 cabinet color trends as a whole.

When it comes time to paint those kitchen cabinets, be sure to check out some of these unique nature inspired colors! They are almost guaranteed to breathe new life into your kitchen space and provide you with a calm and peaceful feeling, which we all could use little of in our lives.


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