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Choosing the perfect paint for a small room

We all know how difficult it can be to decorate a small room and make it seem inviting and livable. Beyond the challenges of fitting in and arranging the appropriate furniture and wall decorations, choosing the perfect paint for a small room is equally difficult. The right choice will open the room up to the eye and cause it to appear larger. The wrong choice will leave the space feeling cramped and stifling. Let’s take a look at a few color choices that will help your small room to feel larger and more open.

Stark whites are a solid choice when selecting paint for a small room. Because they have the ability to reflect light, especially natural light, they are able to help the room appear larger. One benefit of stark whites is that they can be used in almost any space, regardless of design philosophy or the aesthetics of the furniture and decorations. Whites are classic for a reason, and they are quite effective in opening up a room.

If the space you want to appear larger is lacking in natural light, then a soft black may be a better option for you than stark white.  A paint choice like charcoal or a soft matte black can bathe the room with elegance and provide intimacy. Playing into the lack of reflecting light can work in your favor in this situation.

If a soft black is too bold for your taste, a dark, deep navy blue may be a more digestible choice. Adding this color to a small space can hep provide the appearance of depth. Best used in rooms with a small amount of natural light, dark navy hues work wonders on cabinetry and in spaces like libraries or dens. A dark navy can provide you with the romantic coziness of a soft black or charcoal without a full commitment to the absence of color.

These are just a few helpful suggestions to get your started on your paint selection journey. Making a room appear larger can be tricky, and paint color choice will play a large role in the success or failure of that goal. Be sure to visit your local paint store to explore a full range of swatches, and bring some pictures of the space you want to transform in order to help you envision the overall feel of the room!


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