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What Do I Need to Paint a Room

Here at BattleBorn, we have painted many different rooms and interior projects. We know that getting all of your supplies in order will make a big difference when it comes to actually starting the project. If you are about to start your own project here is a checklist of everything you will need.

Prep Materials

Before you start, it is very important to spend time prepping your walls: cleaning and patching holes. These steps are very important to get the best results possible.
1. Painter’s tape: Use the tape to block paint from bleeding into areas you are not painting. You can also use tape to cover outlets and hardware. It’s important to get good tape to ensure clean edges and lines.
2. Warm water and mild soap: Clean any grease or dirt off your walls before you paint.
3. Spackle and Spatula: Use the spackle to patch any holes.

Painting Materials

1. Paint tray: The tray holds a small portion of the paint as you work.
2. Paint roller frame and rollers: You will be using a roller for the majority of your painting. It is important to choose the correct roller cover. Not all covers are made for the same project. Some are made for smooth surfaces like metal, or stucco and brick.
3. In flat plain brush: This brush is made for “cutting in”. Cutting in is the process of painting around the taped-off borders.
4. Drop cloth: used to protect floors and furniture. There are canvas or plastic tarps, both of these are good options when it comes to protecting things from drips of paint.


1. Primer: This should be applied before color. When painting over an existing color, the primer will create a blank slate so the new color will go on evenly. Many companies now created an option of paint that has primer already mixed in, this will save much time and money.
2. Interior paint: From choosing a color to the appropriate sheen
-Semi-gloss and High gloss paints: this sheen is best for windowsills, trim, and other wood areas.
-Satin and eggshells: The best for areas with a lot of traffic because they are easy to clean
-Flat paint: This paint is dull and provides no gloss making it harder to clean, this option is best for areas that have low traffic.

The first-time painting may not go perfectly smooth, but eventually, it will become second nature. For those who are nervous or simply do not want to deal with the hassle of painting, Contact Battleborn Painting where customer satisfaction is our number one priority.