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Right Way To Use-Painter’s Tape

When taking on a painting project, painter’s tape can be your best friend. The painter’s tape will achieve crisp and clean lines. Now it is important to understand painters’ tape will not guarantee perfect results. It is all a learning process on how to properly apply and remove tape correctly. Before you start, learn everything you need and how to correctly use painter’s tape from experts at Battle Born Painting.

Best Painting Tape

Painting tape comes in many different widths and adhesive strengths. The best tape depends on the paint. Select painter’s tape for your specific project:

  • Low adhesion level tape will remain in place for a longer time period. low adhesion tape is great for delicate surfaces.
  • Medium adhesion is multipurpose and is great for exterior and interior projects. Medium adhesion tape can remain in place for up to 2 weeks.
  • High adhesion tape is best used for exterior surfaces, these surfaces tend to be more textured & rough. This tape is used to secure drop cloths. High adhesion tape should be removed within seven days.

Is masking Tape the same as painter’s tape?

We can go into great depth on the differences between each tape, In a short answer painting and masking tape serve different purposes. while they may look the same, they will not word the same. painter tape is made to be removed with no residue. It will not wrinkle or shrink when touched with paint. If masking tape is left on too long, there is a high chance it will leave behind a sticky residue. Masking tape will wrinkle if it comes into contact with the paint.

How do I Apply Painter’s Tape?

Paint and tape will not stick to dust or dirty surfaces. It is important to clean the working area with a damp rag to remove anything that could prevent the tape from adhering to a surface. When the tape is placed, it’s important to run a flexible putty knife along the surface to press the adhesive onto the surface.

Masking off a room for painting.

When DIY painting it’s a risky move to not mask off and cover furniture with drop cloths. HOW to mask a room:

  • Masking a room to spray – If you are going to spray you will need to mask off entire rooms or walls. The most efficient way is to run a wide strip of painter’s tape around the perimeter of the ceiling. Remember to only adhere to the top edge of the tape, keeping the bottom exposed, Now slip a piece of plastic under the exposed area & press together.
  • Masking Trim – When painting floor trim, run wide painter’s tape on the floor along the trim. If you combined a sheet of masking paper this will provide more room for error and messes.

BattleBorn Painting Professional Services

Now this might sound like a complete pain, or you are fed up trying to find the correct painter’s tape, materials, and anything needed to paint your home. That is why we are here. When hiring BattleBorn Painting you will receive peace of mind knowing we will walk you through the entire process. We have been servicing all of Northern Nevada for over a decade and love painting homes in Reno! Call us today and receive an estimate today!