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Repainting your home is a simple way to refresh your home while increasing the value. But how often do you need to repaint your interior walls? According to our experts the time is typically between 7 to 10 years. Here are some areas that help determine when it is time for a refresh in paint.

High Traffic Areas

Hallways will need to be painted more frequently due to stains, worn corners and scuff marks. While most of this can be washed away or repainted eventually you will want to simply repaint. Areas that see a lot of foot traffic will always need to be painted more frequently than other areas.

Forgotten Areas

Your ceilings,baseboards and trim areas are often areas that are overlooked; baseboards may be scuffed from shoes. While your window trim could be chipped and in need of a refresher these areas could really transform your entire interior. These areas should not be forgotten when considering repainting the interior of your home.

Change of Taste

As times go on our tastes and likes are constantly changing. Once you paint the room, later you might decide you want to buy the future or new decour. A new paint job could be required to finish your home remodel.
Another area is a child’s room. As children grow and change their rooms no longer fit their preferences. Another reason children rooms need to be repeated frequently is because of how often children’s spend time in these rooms. The walls are likely to be colored or drawn on, sticky hands can also cause damage to your walls. Simple children wear and tear is a need to repaint your interior walls.

At Battle Born Painting we will make a few cans of paint and our amazing crew will help you go a long way. If you have a major renovation coming up or just a simple couple areas, call us today to set up a free estimate.