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How To Clean and Maintain Painted Walls

When was the last time you marked “clean walls” off of your to-do list? Like everything, walls need regular cleaning. Areas that have scuffs, stains and dirty marks will look run down so without having to repaint, cleaning is the next best option. Below are some helpful tips when cleaning your walls when that time comes…

Here are some tips for keeping your walls looking new all year long:

Only use mild dishwashing soap and water on a sponge. If you use a commercial cleaner it will break down the paint film and damage the finish. Never use a paper towel or rag, stick to an all-purpose polyester sponge.

How Often Should You Clean Your Walls?

At BattleBorn Painting we recommend dusting your walls every quarter, and washing them twice a year. If your family or you have allergies, you may consider doing it more frequently

Does The Paint Sheen Matter?

The cleaning method does change a little bit depending on the paint’s sheen level.
Flat, satin and eggshell are considered duller paints and are less durable. When cleaning these finishes never use harsh chemicals or degreasers. It is also important to not scrub too hard as you clean.
Semi Gloss and glossy paints are more durable. To clean, you may need a little more elbow grease. It’s important to remember if you scrub too hard you could damage the finish.

Does The Paint Type Matter?

No, when cleaning your walls you can use the same soapy water and sponge for all paint types. It does not matter if your paint is latex or oil paint. The only thing to make a note of is oil base paint is quite durable, you could add a little bit of vinegar to your soap mixture, this will help remove stains.

Starting Fresh With a New Paint Color

The easiest way to transform your home with a new coat of paint will give you a fresh start. If you need your whole home repainted or simply a couple rooms. Call Northern Nevadas #1 painting company to receive a free estimate. BattleBorn Painting visit our website at